10 Reasons to Visit Your OBGYN Yearly

10 Reasons to Visit Your OBGYN Yearly

Even before you become pregnant or even think of giving birth, a yearly OB-GYN appointment is mandatory. As a woman, you’re always at risk of numerous medical problems, severe and non-risky, that may occur from time to time. Even if you’re sure nothing wrong is with you, a visit to the OB-GYN can’t hurt.

Here are ten reasons why you should visit your OB-GYN every year:

  1. Overall gynecological health

A visit to the OB-GYN will reveal any lingering issues or potential future problems. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that even women aged 13-15 should see an OB-GYN. Annual check-ups with your OB-GYN act can prevent unwanted issues from arising.

  • Birth control

Are you sexually active but don’t want to be called “mommy” just yet? A visit to your OB-GYN will help you learn about your contraception options, how effective they are, and whether they will fit your lifestyle or not. Your doctor will offer specific recommendations based on these factors.

  • Pelvic exams

Your OB-GYN can perform a pelvic exam and see if any unusual growths or other changes have appeared. They may also test you for STIs (sexually transmitted diseases). It’s recommended that every woman undergoes a yearly pelvic exam, especially if they notice abnormal discharges, menstrual disorders, or other abnormalities.

  • Painful intercourse

Does it hurt when you have sex? Well, it shouldn’t. Pain during intercourse is a good reason to visit your OB-GYN. Yearly appointments are recommended if you have recurrent problems of this type. Sexual intercourse shouldn’t lead to physical discomfort.

  • Infertility

Infertility in women isn’t rare. If you’ve been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for some time, your OB-GYN may be able to help. Roughly 65% of women who seek an OB-GYN’s help with infertility manage to give birth. Unfortunately, only 44% of women with infertility visit an OB/GYN for medical assistance with this problem.

  • Changes in vaginal discharge

This is a big one. Abnormal vaginal discharge may be an early sign of an infection. Or it could be nothing. You never know – but do you know who does? Your OB-GYN! With a yearly visit to your gynecologist, you can find answers for your unusual vaginal discharge and solve the problem before gets worse. Ignoring it or opting for self-treatment is not recommended.

  • Breast exam

Your OB-GYN doesn’t only deal with vaginal issues. Breast health is an equally important field of study for all gynecologists. Yearly exams help women deal with potential problems before they get worse. Your OB-GYN will also provide a manual breast exam to see whether you have any lumps or various tissue masses.

  • Maternal healthcare

When you’re pregnant, an OB-GYN’s help is invaluable. Maternal health is a gynecologist’s primary area of expertise. As soon as you suspect you’re pregnant, schedule a visit to your OB-GYN to monitor your pregnancy. The doctor will address any issues and ensure you and your baby remain free from harm.

  • Urinary issues

When you find blood in your urine or if have pains while urinating, it may be a sign of a more severe medical problem. The only way to make sure everything is in order is to visit your OB-GYN and schedule an appointment.

  1. Irregular menstrual cycle

Irregular periods may indicate that more serious medical problems are afoot. Your gynecologist will want to know whether you’re experiencing more painful cramps or your menstrual cycle is becoming longer or shorter.

Your health as a woman is essential, and you can eliminate most problems through annual visits to an OB-GYN!